On Isaac Bashevis Singer
On Yasushi Inoue
On Margin Call
On Eric Rohmer
In Defense of Book

Mamihlapinatapai and Plek
Are there untranslatable words?

Carving the Whale
Excerpt from the Believer magazine cover story
(a Globe and Mail best read of the week - "funny and fascinating")

15,000 Pages in Three Minutes
A very fast speed-read through literary history

The Last Book I Loved
Thank you, Isaac Bashevis Singer and his translator!

What I Saw and Heard in Belgium
A writer's residence in wintry Flanders

New Aestheticism


The Necessity of Influence at Amazon's book blog: Part I Part II
A Conversation on editing Thoreau at NYRB's blog
The Other Half of Moby-Dick at The Quarterly Conversation
Acts of Translation at Hotel St. George press

Early Stories
Repulsive Concrete: Last section of my first book

Robert Walser, Three Stories in Vice
How is it possible that education and knowledge could make us miserable and destroy our happiness?

Rainer Maria Rilke, from "Interiors" forthcoming in The Inner Sky
The souls of these girls are gondolas of gold, laden with impatience...

Robert Walser, The New Novel
A novel as beautiful as it is exciting and long-winded in the offing and presumably available in bookstores rather soon!

Robert Walser, The Great Talent
He knew he was a great talent, and this stupid, useless knowledge gave him food for thought all day

Rainer Maria Rilke, from "Notes on the Melody of Things"
Whether the singing of a lamp or the voice of a storm, whether the breath of an evening or the groan of the ocean...

Raoul Hausmann, Kurt Schwitters and I Write an Opera at the Movies
Ticket bought for Schwitt, in we went, down we sat

Thomas Bernhard, Claus Peymann Buys Himself a Pair of Pants and Joins Me for Lunch
(A tiny excerpt)

Dubravka Ugrešić, Alchemy from Thank You for Not Reading

Dubravka Ugrešić, Designing the Garment from "Steffie Cvek in the Jaws of Life" in Lend Me Your Character