2/21/17 NYC (Brooklyn):
Inkblots launch! Greenlight Books, with Maria Konnikova

2/23/17 NYC:
Inkblots, Barnes & Noble, Upper West Side, with Olga Khazan

3/1/17 NYC:
Inkblots, Main Public Library, Berger Room, with Mark Krotov

3/2/17 Cambridge:
Inkblots, Harvard Book Store

3/14/17 San Francisco:
Inkblots, City Lights

4/8/17, NYC (Brooklyn):
Rorschach goes to the movies! Searls introduces
The Dark Mirror (1946) and Hitchcock's Spellbound (1945) at BAM

4/21/17 Columbus, OH:
Inkblots, Ohio State University



Guardian (UK):
Searls reads A Guide to San Francisco

Open Source with Chris Lydon:
Interview on Thoreau's Journal
Interview on Rilke, The Inner Sky

On Hans Keilson:
Writer's Voice interview with me and Mrs Keilson
Discussion and reading with Peter Stein of SF Jewish Film Festival
National Book Critics Circle Award, finalist reading (Keilson at 23:30)

On Jon Fosse:
Conversation and reading from Aliss at the Fire

On Nescio:
Reading and discussion with Peter Orner at City Lights



4/29/09 NYC:
Short story book launch with Ed Park at Book Culture (twitterpic)


5/1/09 NYC:
Reading with Benjamin Kunkel at BookCourt

5/9/09 SF:
West Coast launch party and reading at Dog Eared Books

6/8/09 SF:
The Monthly Rumpus reading and extravaganza at The Makeout Room, with Peter Orner, Andrew Sean Greer, Gertrude Stein word for word, film from Wholphin, Thao Nguyen, &c.

6/20/09 LA:
Reading with Mark Sarvas at Booksoup

9/8/09 Berkeley:
Reading with Jonathon Keats at Moe's Books

4/18/10 SF, 4/20 Berkeley:
Late-April readings from Thoreau's Journal

4/25/10 SF:
Reading of Significant Objects story at Portuguese Artists Colony

6/26/10 SF:
A Believer/McSweeney's Festival of Language and Thinking
with Elif Batuman, Gideon Lewis-Kraus, and Justin Taylor

12/1/10 Santa Cruz:
Reading from Rilke at A New Cadence

3/5/11 Providence:
Lecture on Melville's ; or The Whale at the legendary Providence Athenaeum

3/9/11 NYC:
Finalist reading, National Books Critics Circle Award

4/16/12 Brooklyn:
Book launch for Nescio's Amsterdam Stories: reading and conversation with Joseph O'Neill at Greenlight Books

4/24/12 Manhattan:
Amsterdam Stories reading at 192 Books

5/8/12 SF:
West Coast Nescio launch with Peter Orner at City Lights

5/9/12 Palo Alto:
Nescio reading at Books Inc

5/10/12 Berkeley:
Nescio reading at Mrs Dalloway Books

5/23/12 Boston:
Nescio reading at Harvard Bookstore

7/29/13 Books Beneath the Bridge:
Proust reading with Paul Auster, Siri Hustvedt, and others

9/10/13 192 Books, Manhattan:
Walser book launch with Mina Pam Dick

9/27/13 Book Court, Brooklyn:
Walser reading with Ben Lerner