"A richly detailed, sensitive biography of Rorschach's short life and long afterlife." –Kirkus Reviews

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"Searls restores much of the test's potency in this rich, resonant book... Drawing on new material, Searls creates a warm-blooded portrait of a man who feels like a Hollywood biopic in waiting... Even in the age of alternative facts, there are still right answers, and wrong ones, and the inkblots still ring true."Sunday Times (UK)

"From the first chapter of The Inkblots, it seems incredible that no one before Damion Searls has ever written a biography of Rorschach. [The psychiatrist's] early death may have deterred other would-be biographers, but Searls sails past it with style: the second half of his book traces the fortunes of Rorschach's famous test, which became a household word in America after World War II.
  Searls uses this unlikely-seeming artifact to illuminate two histories, one scientific, the other cultural, both full of surprises."
–Lorin Stein, Paris Review Staff Picks

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